American Gold Fever offers a unique blend of video bingo and adventure, inviting players to join a virtual gold rush with the allure of uncovering vast treasures. Set against the backdrop of the iconic 1850s California gold rush, the game entices with its rich historical theme, immersive graphics, and a soundtrack that perfectly captures the spirit of the era. Featuring up to four 5x3 bingo tickets, a 90-ball draw system, and the excitement of extra balls, wild balls, and three distinct bonus games, players are set on a quest for the legendary El Dorado jackpot.

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Is there a jackpot in American Gold Fever?

Yes, American Gold Fever features the American Jackpots feature, where you can win one of four different jackpots, with the highest being the Gold Jackpot of 5,000x the bet per ticket.

What's the minimum and maximum bet range in American Gold Fever?

The minimum bet is $0.20, and the maximum bet is $40.

Is American Gold Fever available on mobile devices?

Yes, American Gold Fever is designed using modern HTML5 technology, making it playable in portrait and landscape modes on Android and iOS devices.

How does the Golden Pyramid Bonus work in American Gold Fever?

The Golden Pyramid Bonus is a 6-level game where you select options at each level. You can win up to 2075x your stake, navigating through levels by revealing random cash prizes, advancing to the next level, or encountering an end to the bonus if an empty hole is revealed.

Design and Graphics

  • Thematic Expression: American Gold Fever by Neko Games and Games Global (formerly Microgaming) immerses players in the exhilarating era of the gold rush with its classic gold-mine theme. The game artfully combines historical adventure with the thrill of discovery.
  • Visual Quality: The graphics are finely detailed and sharp, providing a visually appealing experience that brings the gold mine theme to life. The backdrop of a bustling mine, complemented by vibrant animations, enriches the gaming atmosphere.
  • Soundtrack: A fitting and engaging soundtrack harmonizes with gameplay, enhancing the overall ambiance. The audio elements add depth to the gold rush narrative, making each play session more immersive.

Gameplay and Features

Utilizes a 90-ball bingo system with the flexibility of playing up to four 5x3 tickets. The game initiates with an initial draw, challenging players to match numbers and complete winning patterns.

Post initial draw, players can opt to purchase up to 12 extra balls for augmented winning chances. Special Wild balls offer strategic choices by letting players pick any number to be called.

Bonus Patterns and Games:

  • Mine Shaft Bonus: A multilevel bonus game where players select dynamite to uncover prizes, advance levels, or end the game. Potential win up to 1,096x the bet per ticket.
  • Golden Mine Carts Bonus: Players select from mine carts across five levels for cash prizes up to 665x the bet per ticket.
  • Mine Picker Bonus: Choosing from mining equipment to reveal prizes or end the game, with wins up to 640x the bet per ticket.

How to Win

  • Winning Patterns: There are 15 different winning patterns, ranging from 2x to 2,000x the bet per ticket. Completing Bonus Patterns triggers respective bonus games with additional fixed prizes.
  • Jackpot Collection: Playing with four activated tickets enables the American Jackpots feature. Collecting golden nuggets revealed by bingo balls can award one of four jackpots, with the Gold Jackpot offering up to 5,000x the bet per ticket.
  • Strategic Play: Maximize winning chances by wisely choosing when to purchase extra balls and using Wild balls to complete high-value patterns. Engaging in bonus games and efficiently collecting nuggets amplify the potential for significant wins.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging gold-mine theme.
  2. Three enriching bonus games.
  3. Wild balls for strategic play.
  4. Four different jackpot opportunities.
  5. High maximum win potential (up to 5,000x).


  1. Slightly below-average RTP (95.04%).
  2. High volatility may deter some players.
  3. Limited bet range.
  4. Complexity may overwhelm new players.
  5. Requires playing all four tickets for jackpots.


American Gold Fever by Neko Games and Games Global (formerly Microgaming) is a compelling video bingo game that successfully marries the thrill of bingo with the adventure of gold mining. Its visually appealing design, coupled with immersive gameplay features, makes it a standout title in the video bingo category. While the game's high volatility and slightly below-average RTP might pose a challenge to some, the potential for substantial wins through its jackpots and bonus games offers a rewarding experience for those willing to embark on this golden quest.