Immortal Romance Video Bingo presents a unique blend of bingo and slot gaming, drawing inspiration from the iconic Immortal Romance slot. Developed by Neko Games for Microgaming, this game retains the gothic allure of the original while introducing a bingo twist. Players embark on a dark, mysterious adventure, accompanied by one of the legendary characters: Amber, Troy, Michael, or Sarah. The game is designed to captivate with its rich graphics, engaging animations, and a plethora of features including the Extra Ball Stage, Wild Balls, and The Chamber of Jackpots.

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Can I choose a character in Immortal Romance Video Bingo?

Yes, you can choose your favorite character from Amber, Troy, Michael, or Sarah to accompany you as you play. However, the choice of character does not affect the gameplay or outcomes.

What are the key features of Immortal Romance Video Bingo?

Key features include the Chamber of Jackpots, where you can win one of four jackpots up to 10,000x your ticket stake, the Eternal Chambers Bonus, the Immortal Picker Bonus for additional prizes, and the opportunity to use Wild Balls for strategic gameplay.

What are the jackpot prizes in Immortal Romance Video Bingo?

The game offers four jackpots: Amber Jackpot (50x your stake), Troy Jackpot (250x), Michael Jackpot (2,500x), and Sarah Jackpot (10,000x).

How does the Extra Ball Stage work?

The Extra Ball Stage is triggered if there's a potential win of at least 8x your ticket value after the initial 30 ball draw. You can buy extra balls for a chance to complete winning patterns, with each ball's cost individually calculated.

Design and Graphics

Set against a backdrop that mirrors the original game's gothic atmosphere, this bingo version envelops players in a familiar yet unique gaming environment:

  • Visual Appeal: The game boasts high-quality graphics with a dark, mysterious theme, reminiscent of the original slot's storyline.
  • Character Selection: Players can choose one of the iconic characters – Amber, Troy, Michael, or Sarah – adding a personal touch to the gameplay, although this choice does not impact game mechanics.
  • User Interface: The interface is straightforward, with a clean layout displaying up to four bingo tickets and the bingo ball draw area, making navigation and gameplay smooth and accessible.
  • Animation and Effects: Engaging animations and special effects, especially during the Extra Ball Stage and jackpot features, enhance the excitement and keep the gameplay dynamic.

Gameplay and Features

Immortal Romance Video Bingo merges traditional bingo with the slot's thematic elements, offering an engaging gameplay experience packed with features:

  • Ticket Purchase: Players can buy 1 to 4 tickets per round, with a flexible betting range to suit all preferences.
  • Win Patterns: There are 15 win patterns, offering prizes ranging from 2x to 2,250x the ticket bet.
  • Extra Ball Stage: This feature activates when there's a chance to win at least 8x the ticket value, allowing players to buy extra numbers for a chance at completing win patterns or unlocking jackpots.
  • Wild Balls: Occasionally, an extra ball will be a Wild Ball, giving players the freedom to mark any number on their tickets.
  • Jackpots and Bonuses: The Chamber of Jackpots, Eternal Chambers, and Immortal Picker bonuses provide additional opportunities to win significant prizes, up to 10,000x the ticket stake.

How to Win

Winning in Immortal Romance Video Bingo requires strategy, luck, and an understanding of the game's features:

  • Optimize Ticket Purchases: Playing with four tickets maximizes chances for jackpots and bonus features.
  • Strategize with Wild Balls: Use Wild Balls to complete the highest value patterns or unlock bonus games.
  • Extra Ball Stage: Carefully consider the cost of extra balls against potential wins. Target patterns close to completion for the best value.
  • Bonus Games: In the Eternal Chambers and Immortal Picker bonuses, selection strategy can significantly impact winnings.
  • Jackpot Strategy: Collect coins during the Extra Ball Stage to trigger The Chamber of Jackpots, focusing on completing patterns that contribute to filling the Lion Door Knocker.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging theme from the Immortal Romance slot
  2. Multiple jackpots with up to 10,000x stake wins
  3. Variety of bonus games enhancing winnings
  4. Wild Balls allow strategic gameplay choices
  5. Mobile-friendly with portrait and landscape modes


  1. Jackpot feature requires playing with four tickets
  2. Complexity may overwhelm bingo purists
  3. High volatility might not suit all players
  4. Extra balls can become costly


Immortal Romance Video Bingo successfully marries the captivating theme of its slot counterpart with the excitement of bingo. Neko Games has crafted a game that not only appeals to fans of the original Immortal Romance but also introduces slot enthusiasts to the joys of bingo. Through its immersive design, strategic gameplay features, and lucrative jackpots, players are offered a compelling experience. Despite its complexity and the necessity to engage with four tickets for maximum rewards, the game stands as a testament to the innovative fusion of gaming genres. For those drawn to the allure of Immortal Romance and the thrill of bingo, stepping into this gothic adventure promises both challenge and charm.