Jingle Bell Bingo by Caleta transports players to a festive world filled with the spirit of Christmas and New Year. Offering up to four simultaneously playable cards, each laden with 15 numbers, this game invites participants to match patterns with 30 initial balls drawn from a pool of 90. Its holiday theme is rendered through vibrant graphics and animations, setting a joyful mood. The inclusion of features like the option to purchase extra balls, Special Balls, and captivating bonuses like the Santa Chaos, Crazytmas Feast, and Fir-tune Tree, enriches the gameplay, making each round an adventure.

Jingle Bell Bingo Reviews

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Does Jingle Bell Bingo offer extra balls?

Yes, after the initial 30 ball draw, you have the option to purchase up to 12 extra balls.

Is there a special ball feature in Jingle Bell Bingo?

Yes, Jingle Bell Bingo features a Special Ball, which allows you to manually select any number not yet drawn on the enabled cards.

What bonuses are available in Jingle Bell Bingo?

Jingle Bell Bingo offers a Ferris Wheel Bonus, where you can win multipliers of either 300x, 600x, or 900x, and a progressive bar that leads to the Santa Chaos bonus.

How does the progressive bar work in Jingle Bell Bingo?

Each active card has a progress bar that grows when you match lucky numbers with purchased extra balls, leading to the Santa Chaos bonus once filled.

Design and Graphics

  • Theme: Jingle Bell Bingo envelops players in a festive Christmas and New Year atmosphere, making it perfect for those seeking holiday cheer.
  • Visuals: The game features colorful, holiday-inspired graphics with animations that bring the game to life. Each bingo card and the game interface embody the spirit of Christmas, complete with a backdrop that could remind one of cozy winter evenings.
  • User Interface: The interface is user-friendly, with all necessary options like bet adjustment, autoplay, and speed settings (normal, turbo, instant) readily accessible.

Gameplay and Features

  • Gameplay: Players can activate up to four bingo cards simultaneously, with each card featuring 15 randomly selected numbers between 0 and 90. A total of 30 balls are drawn initially, with the option to purchase up to 12 extra balls to complete winning combinations.
  • Speed Options: Three speed settings—normal, turbo, and instant—allow players to customize their gameplay pace according to their preferences.
  • Extra Balls: The option to buy extra balls increases the chances of completing winning combinations, with the cost of each extra ball depending on the current odds of winning.
  • Special Ball: A unique feature where a Special Ball can be awarded, allowing players to manually select any number not yet drawn on their cards to potentially secure a big win.
  • Progressive Bar and Santa Chaos: Active cards feature a progress bar that fills up with each lucky number matched during the purchase of extra balls. Completing the progress bar triggers the Santa Chaos bonus, offering free spins and the chance to win up to 3000x your bet.

How to Win

  • Winning Combinations: There are 11 possible winning combinations per card. Only the highest value win is paid for overlapping patterns.
  • Santa Chaos Bonus: Triggered by completing a progress bar, this bonus starts with 3 free spins and can award regular symbols payouts ranging from 10x to 100x your bet, with a Grand Jackpot of 3000x for filling all slots.
  • Crazytmas Feast: Activated by hitting a smaller bonus pattern, this bonus involves selecting from 12 trays to reveal prizes. Multipliers or the bonus's end can be triggered by the type of trays revealed.
  • Fir-tune Tree Bonus: Triggered by larger bonus patterns, this bonus consists of 6 levels where players pick items to reveal fixed prizes, collect all prizes, or end the bonus with the current win.

Pros and Cons


  1. Festive, engaging theme.
  2. Up to 12 extra balls for increased win potential.
  3. Special Ball feature allows for strategic plays.
  4. Varied and lucrative bonus rounds.
  5. High maximum win potential (15000x).


  1. Very-high volatility may deter cautious players.
  2. Complex for bingo beginners.
  3. Limited to Christmas/New Year theme.
  4. Requires all four cards active for jackpot.
  5. Progressive bar resets after 7 days of inactivity.


Jingle Bell Bingo stands out with its festive flair, innovative gameplay features, and substantial win potential, making it an attractive option for both seasoned bingo enthusiasts and those looking for seasonal entertainment. While the very-high volatility and theme specificity might narrow its appeal, the game compensates with its immersive bonuses and the thrill of strategic choices.