Magic Lamp Bingo, developed by TaDa Gaming, invites players to a captivating adventure steeped in the allure of oriental tales and mysticism. Set against the thematic backdrop of a magical genie world, this game combines the traditional play of bingo with enriching bonus features and the opportunity to secure wins up to 3,000 times the total bet. With the inclusion of innovative game mechanics such as the Wild Ball, Super Bomb, and unique bonus games, Magic Lamp Bingo offers an immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

Magic Lamp Bingo Reviews

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What is the Wild Ball feature in Magic Lamp Bingo?

The Wild Ball allows you to manually select any number on the bingo card to complete winning patterns, enhancing your chances to win.

How does the Super Bomb feature work in Magic Lamp Bingo?

The Super Bomb can fill 1-4 neighboring cells around the purchased ball number on the card with unmatched numbers, increasing your potential wins.

Is there a free ball feature in Magic Lamp Bingo?

Yes, during the extra ball purchase stage, players have a chance to trigger a free ball, allowing the next ball to be obtained without any cost.

How do I trigger the bonus game in Magic Lamp Bingo?

The bonus game is triggered when winning both designated rewards, leading you into a game with four fixed Bingo cards and special mechanics to expand winning opportunities.

Design and Graphics

Magic Lamp Bingo by TaDa Gaming transports players into an enchanting world filled with the allure of oriental fairy tales and the mystery of magic. The game's design is a tribute to the classic tale of Aladdin, featuring rich, vibrant graphics that bring the story to life on your screen. The backdrop and the interface are thoughtfully crafted to immerse players in a realm where genies and magic lamps are gateways to untold wealth. The attention to detail in the animations and special prizes ensures a visually engaging experience, making each bingo round not just a chance to win but also an adventure in a magical land.

Gameplay and Features

  • Gameplay Mechanics: Magic Lamp Bingo introduces a unique blend of traditional bingo with the fantastical elements of oriental magic. Players start each round with four Bingo cards, diving into a gameplay enriched with the possibility of purchasing additional balls in critical stages.
  • Bonus Game: Triggered under specific conditions, the bonus game offers four fixed Bingo cards, introducing an innovative mechanic where numbers matched in the upper card frame expand, covering additional cells below.
  • Wild Ball and Super Bomb: The chance to obtain a Wild Ball allows players to choose any number on their card, potentially turning the tide in their favor. The Super Bomb feature, available upon purchasing specific extra balls, expands the winning possibilities by filling neighboring cells around the selected number.
  • Free Ball: A chance occurrence during the extra ball stage, providing players with a free ball, adds an element of surprise and strategy to the gameplay.
  • Extra Balls: Offering up to 10 additional balls, this feature heightens the excitement, as each purchase could bring players closer to completing a winning pattern or achieving the coveted Super Bomb.

How to Win

  • Completing Paylines: Success in Magic Lamp Bingo hinges on completing any of the paylines detailed in the chart, with payouts corresponding to the completed pattern.
  • Higher Odds Selection: When overlapping patterns occur, the game automatically prioritizes the prize with the highest odds, ensuring that players receive the maximum possible reward.
  • Purchasing Additional Balls: Strategically purchasing additional balls can significantly enhance winning chances, especially when a round is teetering on the brink of securing a high-value pattern.
  • Utilizing Special Features: Maximizing the use of Wild Balls, Super Bombs, and free balls can drastically alter the outcome of a game, turning near misses into triumphant wins.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging oriental fairy tale theme.
  2. Innovative bonus features enhance gameplay.
  3. Opportunity for significant wins with up to 3,000x payout.
  4. Flexible extra ball purchases for strategic play.
  5. Interactive elements like choosing numbers with Wild Ball.


  1. High complexity might overwhelm new players.
  2. Limited appeal to players preferring traditional bingo.
  3. The cost of extra balls can escalate quickly.
  4. Bonus game activation may require patience.
  5. Potential for significant variance in win frequency.


Magic Lamp Bingo stands out as a remarkable fusion of classic bingo excitement and the enchanting world of genies and magic. Its unique gameplay features, including the chance to influence the game with Wild Balls and Super Bombs, offer players an unparalleled level of engagement and the thrill of strategic decision-making. While the game's complexity and reliance on bonus features for big wins might not suit everyone's taste, its innovative approach, coupled with the potential for substantial rewards, makes it a compelling addition to the bingo genre.