Pachinko Bingo skillfully marries the essence of traditional bingo with the thematic richness of Japanese Pachinko. Released by Neko Games and exclusive to Microgaming casinos, this video bingo game introduces players to a world where cultural homage and gaming innovation converge. With 19 potential winning patterns and the opportunity to play up to four tickets simultaneously, the game extends an inviting array of possibilities to win, highlighted by a maximum jackpot of 5,000x the stake. Its unique features, including Extra Balls, Wild Balls, and three intricately designed bonus games, augment the traditional bingo experience, ensuring that players remain engaged and entertained.

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Do I need to activate all four tickets to win the jackpot in Pachinko Bingo?

Yes, to qualify for the jackpot prize, you need to activate and play with all four tickets.

What are the key features of Pachinko Bingo?

Key features include Extra Balls, Wild Balls, a 5-level Maneki-Neko bonus game, and up to 19 patterns for winning opportunities.

What is the volatility of Pachinko Bingo?

Pachinko Bingo is classified as having medium volatility, striking a balance between the frequency and size of wins.

Can I purchase extra balls in Pachinko Bingo, and if so, how many?

Yes, you can purchase up to 10 extra balls during the Extra Ball stage to increase your chances of winning.

Design and Graphics

Pachinko Bingo emerges as a vibrant fusion of traditional bingo mechanics and the enchanting allure of Japanese Pachinko parlors. This creation by Neko Games for Microgaming casinos captures the essence of the Maneki-Neko, a symbol of good fortune, which is intricately woven into the game's aesthetics. The game features:

  • A 5x5 grid that stands at the core of gameplay, adorned with a permanent Star symbol at its center, reflecting the colors associated with various ball types.
  • The backdrop, inspired by Gotokuji Temple, immerses players in a serene Japanese landscape, enhancing the thematic experience.
  • The user interface, designed for both desktop and mobile play, offers an exclusive Portrait Mode for an optimized mobile gaming experience.

Gameplay and Features

Pachinko Bingo is not just about matching numbers; it's an adventure filled with features that elevate the traditional bingo experience. Key gameplay elements include:

  • Versatility in Play: Players can activate up to four tickets per round, allowing for multiple chances to win.
  • Extra Balls and Wild Balls: To enhance winning possibilities, up to 10 extra balls can be purchased per round, with a chance for Wild Balls that let players choose unmarked numbers.
  • Engaging Bonus Rounds: The game boasts three captivating bonus games – Armour Bonus, Windmills Monsters Bonus, and Diamantea’s Castle Bonus, each offering unique challenges and rewards.
  • Jackpots: With four distinct jackpots on offer, players have the chance to win up to 5,000x their stake, providing both excitement and significant winning potential.

How to Win

Winning in Pachinko Bingo involves strategic play and a bit of luck. Here are some tips to maximize winning chances:

  1. Utilize all Four Tickets: Activating all four tickets increases your chances to trigger the game’s jackpot.
  2. Purchase Extra Balls Wisely: Use the Extra Balls feature when one number away from a significant win, especially when the potential payout justifies the cost.
  3. Target Bonus Patterns: Focus on achieving patterns that unlock bonus games for higher payout opportunities.
  4. Make Use of Wild Balls: When given the option, choose numbers that complete higher-paying patterns.
  5. Manage Your Bankroll: Adjust your bet sizes according to your bankroll to ensure longer gameplay and more chances to hit big wins.

Pros and Cons


  1. Unique blend of bingo and Japanese Pachinko.
  2. Engaging bonus rounds with substantial payout opportunities.
  3. Playable across all devices with special mobile optimizations.
  4. Up to 5,000x jackpot win.
  5. Medium volatility for balanced gameplay.


  1. Requires all four tickets activated for jackpot eligibility.
  2. Extra balls can become costly.
  3. Limited appeal for players not interested in bingo.
  4. The theme might not appeal to all players.


Pachinko Bingo by Neko Games represents a refreshing take on video bingo, offering a rich tapestry of features set against a backdrop of captivating Japanese themes. Its clever integration of slot mechanics with bingo gameplay, coupled with the prospect of winning significant jackpots and engaging in immersive bonus rounds, makes it a standout offering in the realm of online bingo games.