Park Bingo by Play'n GO introduces a refreshing take on classic bingo with an amusement park theme. Players can enjoy up to four cards simultaneously, diving into a game that combines traditional bingo excitement with unique twists. With the release of 30 balls from a 90-ball pool, the gameplay involves forming winning combinations on the cards. The game elevates the experience with the Extra Balls feature, allowing players to purchase up to ten additional balls to complete patterns, and even offers a Gift Ball for strategic number selection. The highlight, the Ferris Wheel Bonus, triggered by creating perimeter patterns, can significantly multiply winnings. Additionally, the potential to trigger the jackpot with a bingo pattern in 30 balls or less adds to the game's allure.

Park Bingo Reviews

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Can I purchase extra balls in Park Bingo, and how many?

Yes, you can buy up to ten extra balls if you're one ball away from the 8x credit pattern.

What is a Gift Ball in Park Bingo?

A Gift Ball allows you to choose which exact number can be drawn next, offering more control over completing winning combinations.

How do I trigger the jackpot in Park Bingo?

The jackpot is triggered when you achieve a bingo pattern with 30 balls or less, with all four cards in play and the minimum bet satisfied.

Is there a maximum win limit in Park Bingo?

Yes, the maximum win in Park Bingo can reach up to 2440x your stake.

Design and Graphics

Park Bingo immerses players in a simple yet captivating amusement park theme, where the backdrop features faint silhouettes of Ferris wheels and tents, set against a serene light blue sky.The game layout is straightforward, showcasing up to four bingo cards at a time, each filled with 15 randomly selected numbers between 0 and 90, embodying the essence of a traditional bingo experience with a modern digital twist.

Despite its simplicity, the visual and audio elements of Park Bingo work harmoniously to create an enjoyable gaming atmosphere, with subtle animations and sound effects enhancing the player's engagement without overwhelming the core bingo gameplay.

Gameplay and Features

Upon starting the game, 30 balls are released from a pool of 90, with players earning payouts for any winning combinations formed on their cards.

  • Extra Balls Feature: After the initial 30 balls, players have the opportunity to buy up to ten more balls to complete winning combinations. A special Gift Ball feature allows players to select the exact number they need next.
  • Ferris Wheel Bonus: Activated by forming perimeter patterns on the cards, this feature presents a chance to win multipliers of 300x, 600x, or 900x, significantly boosting potential winnings.
  • Jackpot: Achieving a bingo pattern with 30 balls or fewer, with all four cards in play and the minimum bet met, triggers the jackpot, offering a substantial win that can be hit twice in a single game round.

How to Win

  • Focus on activating all four cards and meeting the minimum bet requirements to increase your chances of triggering the jackpot.
  • Utilize the Extra Balls feature wisely, especially when one ball away from significant patterns, to complete winning combinations.
  • Aim for perimeter patterns to activate the Ferris Wheel Bonus for multipliers that can dramatically increase your winnings.
  • Consider the cost of extra balls and the Gift Ball strategically to optimize your chances of winning without unnecessarily depleting your bankroll.
  • Stay attentive to the patterns formed and the opportunities for additional balls or bonus features, as these can significantly influence the game's outcome.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging amusement park theme.
  • Ability to play up to four cards.
  • Extra Balls and Gift Ball features enhance winning chances.
  • Ferris Wheel Bonus offers substantial multipliers.
  • Potential to win the jackpot twice in a single round.


  • Limited to one primary bonus feature.
  • Jackpot requires specific conditions to be met.
  • May not appeal to players seeking complex gameplay.
  • Relatively standard RTP for a bingo game.


Park Bingo excels in delivering an accessible and enjoyable bingo experience with just enough special features to keep the gameplay interesting and potentially rewarding. While it maintains a simple design, the game's mechanics and bonus opportunities offer a satisfying balance between traditional bingo play and innovative elements. Ideal for players seeking a straightforward game with the chance for big wins, Park Bingo is another quality addition to Play'n GO's portfolio, demonstrating their versatility in game development.