Planet 67 by Red Rake Gaming invites players on an interstellar journey to an alien world brimming with potential rewards. This alien-themed online bingo game stands out with its unique setting, vibrant design, and engaging gameplay features. With up to 4 cards per round, 19 different prize patterns, and the addition of extra Wild balls, the game promises an exciting experience. The broad betting range accommodates both casual players and high rollers, making it a versatile choice for bingo enthusiasts.

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How does the Wild ball work in Planet 67?

The Wild ball in Planet 67 allows you to replace it with any number that you believe will increase your chances of winning.

What are the different prize patterns in Planet 67?

Planet 67 features 19 different prize patterns, offering a variety of ways to win.

Can I play Planet 67 for free?

While the text does not specify, many online bingo games, including those developed by Red Rake Gaming, offer demo or free play versions. Check with your preferred online casino for availability.

Is Planet 67 suitable for new bingo players?

Yes, Planet 67 is recommended for all players, whether novices or veterans, thanks to its straightforward gameplay and adjustable betting options.

Design and Graphics

Planet 67 transports players to an engaging alien-themed universe, showcasing Red Rake Gaming's commitment to high-quality visuals and thematic soundtracks. The game's design, set against a mysterious alien planet, features vivid colors and detailed animations that bring its extraterrestrial elements to life. The easy-to-navigate interface, paired with samba-inspired music, ensures a delightful and immersive gaming experience accessible directly through any web browser.

Gameplay and Features

  • Active Cards: Players can activate up to 4 cards per round, with each card containing a unique set of 15 numbers.
  • Betting Range: Offers a flexible betting range from $0.20 to $60.
  • Prize Patterns: Features 19 different prize patterns, enhancing win possibilities.
  • Extra Balls: Introduces 10 extra balls, including a Wild ball and an extra free ball, to increase winning chances.
  • Game Mechanics: Players set their stake, activate cards, and initiate the game, aiming to match numbers and form winning patterns.

How to Win

  • Completing Patterns: Form one of the 19 prize patterns on the cards to win.
  • Extra Balls Purchase: After the initial 30-ball draw, players can buy up to 10 extra balls to complete nearly winning patterns.
  • Wild Ball Advantage: Use the Extra Wild ball strategically to replace any number, enhancing win chances.
  • Maximum Win: The game offers a chance to win up to $57,000, with an RTP of 93.2% indicating a fair balance between regular payouts and big win opportunities.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging alien theme with vibrant graphics
  2. Up to 19 prize patterns for diverse winning opportunities
  3. Extra balls feature including a Wild ball
  4. Flexible betting range ($0.2 - $60)


  1. Lower RTP (93.2%) compared to some bingo games
  2. Limited to 4 cards per game
  3. No progressive jackpot
  4. Might require patience for big wins due to game variance


While the game could benefit from additional bonus features or a higher RTP, its captivating design, unique theme, and the thrill of extra balls keep the gameplay engaging. Whether you're a bingo traditionalist looking for something new or a casual player drawn to vibrant themes, Planet 67 by Red Rake Gaming is worth exploring.