Surfing Beauties by Boldplay captures the essence of beach life and surf culture in a vibrant bingo game format. It allows players to dive into a sunny beach setting where they can play up to four bingo cards simultaneously, aiming to match numbers with drawn balls for exciting wins. The game stands out with its lively design, the option to purchase extra balls, and a dynamic pricing system that adds a layer of strategy to the pursuit of winning patterns.

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Interesting 3.5
Design 4.5
Bonus Game 2
Free spins 1
Bets 3
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Too high volatility

by Haarun country flag
1 month ago

I was drawn to this bingo by its design and catchy music. But once I started playing, I went a long time without any wins and ended up losing over $50 without any success.

  • Design

  • Music

  • High volatility


Is there an option to purchase extra balls in Surfing Beauties?

Yes, you can purchase up to 10 extra balls to increase your chances of winning.

What is the maximum win in Surfing Beauties?

The maximum win in Surfing Beauties is 5000x your total bet.

Can I remove cards from play in Surfing Beauties?

Yes, each card can be removed from play by clicking on the 'X' button.

What happens if I'm one ball away from a winning pattern?

If you're one ball away from the 8x credit pattern, you can buy extra balls to try and complete it.

Design and Graphics

Surfing Beauties by Boldplay brings the vibrant and sunny world of beach culture to life with its stunning visual design. Set against a backdrop that captures the essence of the surf lifestyle, this bingo game:

  • Features crisp, colorful graphics that evoke the feeling of a sunny day at the beach.
  • Utilizes an intuitive layout where bingo cards and the ball pool are prominently displayed, ensuring easy gameplay.
  • Incorporates animated effects for ball draws and wins, adding excitement to each round.
  • The game’s aesthetic is complemented by thematic symbols and a cheerful soundtrack that enhances the overall gaming experience.

Gameplay and Features

Surfing Beauties offers an engaging bingo experience with several unique gameplay elements and features:

  • Play Up to 4 Cards: Players have the option to play up to four bingo cards in each round, with the ability to remove any card from play.
  • Ball Draw: Each game round draws 30 balls from a 60-ball pool, aiming to match numbers on the bingo cards.
  • Extra Balls Purchase: After the initial draw, players can purchase up to 10 extra balls to complete winning patterns or aim for the top prize.
  • Flexible Betting: The game supports a wide range of betting options from a minimum bet of $0.20 to a maximum of $10.0.
  • Dynamic Cost for Extra Balls: The cost of purchasing extra balls varies depending on the proximity to winning patterns, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.

How to Win

Winning in Surfing Beauties involves matching drawn numbers with those on your active bingo cards to form patterns from the paytable:

  • Match Patterns: Aim to match the numbers on your bingo cards with the drawn balls to form winning patterns displayed in the game’s paytable.
  • Strategic Extra Ball Purchases: Consider purchasing extra balls wisely based on the potential win and the cost associated with the next ball, especially when close to completing high-value patterns.
  • Manage Your Bets: Adjust your bets according to your playing strategy and bankroll. Playing with more cards increases your chances of winning but also requires a higher total bet.
  • Maximize Top Prize Opportunities: Be on the lookout for opportunities to match all numbers on an active card with the extra balls purchase option, aiming for the top prize.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging beach theme with vibrant graphics.
  2. Option to play up to four cards.
  3. Extra balls purchase increases winning chances.
  4. Flexible betting options cater to various players.
  5. Dynamic cost for extra balls adds strategy.


  1. High cost for extra balls can add up.
  2. Limited to one thematic setting.
  3. Complexity may overwhelm new players.
  4. Maximum bet may be low for high rollers.


Surfing Beauties offers a refreshing take on the traditional bingo game, infused with a beachy vibe that's perfect for players looking for an escape to a virtual surf paradise. The game's design and features, including the ability to play multiple cards and purchase extra balls, ensure an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience. While the cost for extra balls and the game's complexity might be challenging for some, the strategic elements it introduces are sure to appeal to bingo enthusiasts looking for more than just a straightforward play.