World Football by Red Rake Gaming brings the excitement of the football world cup to bingo enthusiasts. With its vibrant football pitch backdrop and samba soundtrack, the game sets a lively scene for players. Offering up to four bingo cards per round, each card presents a unique opportunity to win through 17 different prize patterns. The game is enhanced with 10 extra balls, including Wild and Free balls, and features two engaging bonus mini-games: the football shirts and penalty shootout. Designed for both desktop and mobile play, World Football ensures a seamless gaming experience across all devices.

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How do I activate all four cards in World Football Bingo?

To activate all four cards, click on each card individually before starting the game. Make sure each card's status is "ON" to ensure they are active for the next round.

What are the two bonus mini-games in World Football, and how do I enter them?

The two bonus mini-games are the football shirts mini-game and the penalty shootout. You can enter these phases by forming specific patterns on your bingo cards, typically involving completing the perimeter or achieving a certain complex pattern.

How many extra balls can I purchase in World Football, and under what conditions?

You can purchase up to 10 extra balls if you are one ball away from completing a pattern that pays at least 8x your bet per card. The cost of each extra ball varies depending on the potential win.

What is the highest multiplier I can win in World Football Bingo?

The game offers various winning patterns with different multipliers, with the highest being the full house pattern which can offer significant payouts. Specific multipliers, like in bonus rounds, can also enhance your winnings substantially.

Design and Graphics

  • Visuals: World Football is set against the vibrant backdrop of a football pitch, capturing the essence of a night game with a lush green field and distant reflectors.
  • Theme Execution: The football theme is expertly executed, immersing players in the atmosphere with samba music to keep the energy high.
  • User Interface: With a command bar conveniently placed at the bottom, the game ensures ease of play, whether on a computer or smartphone, with responsive design for portrait and landscape modes.
  • Graphics Quality: Smooth graphics and animations bring the game to life, with every detail rendered to enhance the gaming experience without the need for any software download.

Gameplay and Features

Players engage with up to 4 bingo cards per round, each featuring a 5x3 grid with numbers 1 to 90. Gameplay begins with a draw of 30 balls, with the opportunity to purchase up to 10 extra balls to complete winning patterns.

Special Features:

  • Extra Balls: Includes Wild balls and Free balls to increase winning chances.
  • Minigame Bonuses: Two bonus phases - a penalty shootout mini game and a football shirts mini game, adding layers of engagement beyond the main game.

How to Win

  • Winning Patterns: The game boasts 17 different prize patterns, offering a variety of ways to win, with payouts highlighted above the ball draw area for easy tracking.
  • Extra Balls Purchase: Strategically purchase up to 12 extra balls when one number short of an 8x credit pattern, with the cost varying based on the odds of winning.
  • Special Ball Feature: The chance of receiving a Special Ball allows players to manually select any undrawn number, significantly boosting the potential to complete winning patterns.
  • Jackpot Opportunities: Fulfill specific conditions, such as completing a bingo pattern with 30 balls or less with all four cards active, to trigger the jackpot for substantial wins.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging football theme.
  2. Two bonus mini-games.
  3. Up to 10 extra balls for increased chances.
  4. Playable on both desktop and mobile.
  5. 17 different winning patterns.


  1. High variance may deter some players.
  2. Limited to 90 number bingo format.
  3. Mini-games might not appeal to all.
  4. Can be complex for beginners.
  5. Prize patterns may be confusing at first.


World Football bingo brilliantly captures the spirit of the beloved sport, offering players a dynamic and immersive gaming experience. The combination of thematic gameplay, extra balls, and bonus mini-games provides ample opportunity for exciting wins and engaging play sessions. While the game's high variance and complexity might challenge new players, its rewarding structure and thematic coherence make it a standout choice for bingo and football fans alike.